Rei Ayanami Torn Plugsuit

Rei Ayanami Torn Plugsuit

Regular Adult Sizes:

$385.00 with shoes

$375.00 without shoes

White lycra or vinyl bodysuit with bas relief piping, and black trim all around, 00 near neck, red trim on collar, black shiny "triangle" in center, with silver "button" in middle of that.

white lycra or vinyl tight pants with feet, with bas relief knees, back of calves, trimmed in black

white vinyl "backpack" with arms, trimmed with green metallic lame', stuffed and fitted, trimmed in black

white lycra headband with two dangling "ends"

white lycra tube top, with one strap over left shoulder, made to look like "bandages"

white lycra pair of "armbands", made to look like bandages

*black Rei plugsuit shoes

*Only if purchasing the costume ensemble with shoes included



Powder blue short wig (shown below) available for additional $35.00 US dollars

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