*****Please note: Costume above was designed/made for a 6' 4" male cosplayer, so it may seem a bit "long" (particularly the chest armor) for our 5' 4" model. Please keep in mind that the costume you order will be made to fit you perfectly and will not be as "long" or "wide" in the chest armor area as shown above. Thank you!!!!***********


Balmung from .Hack//Sign Costume

Adult Regular Sizes:

$550.00 with boots

$520.00 without boots



Navy blue long sleeved shirt with black high collar

Navy blue tight pants

Charcoal grey, fully lined toga "dress"

Black bandanna

Charcoal grey lycra gloves with silver hand and individual finger armor (pair)

Black pleather/suede quilted and tufted, varied width sleeve armor (pair)

Brown hipbelt with attached sheath decorated with crystal faux jewels

Silver PVC over hardboard fitted and shaped front chest armor with attached back, all fully lined, with gold pvc "straps", silver neck armor with black buttons horizontally along dual widths, with gold straps criss crossing over front chest plate, trimmed with gold mylar around each strap, with quilted silver pvc on each side top, and 3 tiered formed silver shoulder armor---each tier mounted with gold mylar dual rows of trim along each top and sides. Finally, a double layered white feather collar encircles the back to front chest plate, attached by large gold buttons on each front top side.

5' white wings, feathered on both sides, wired at tops, preattached to the back of the silver chest/back armor

Silver fully lined PVC gladiator type skirt armor, with dark grey vinyl over each silver strap, the waist belt is trimmed in silver, with golden and silver faux large jewels across the front

Silver PVC hip and front/back "armor" plates, fully lined and interfaced for stiffness; along the hip plates are matching gold straps, and gold mylar trim along each strap

Cornflower blue pleather leg armor, with formed and fitted knee plates/armor at tops, with dark grey fully lined pleather/vinyl back of knee armor, with blue mylar dual rows of trim are along the calf leg armor (pair)

*Cornflower blue pleather ankle boots with armored tops and front and back cuffs with pointed toes and blue mylar dual row trim along front straps (pair)

(*only if ordering complete costume ensemble)


Balmung's white spiky down wig available for additional $50.00


Balmung's 39" Broadsword cosplay accessory available for additional $30.00

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