Shayla Shayla from El Hazard OVA Version

Thanks for the great photo, Katherine san!! Doumo arigatou!!

Shayla Shayla OVA Version Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$195.00 with boots

$175.00 without boots



Dark pink stretchy mini dress, with red panels in front and back, high necked red interfaced collar with huge oval red metallic "jewel" in center, maroon tufted "pieces" on each hip with red "jewel" in center of each, maroon trim around bottom, yellow-orange interfaced stand up sleeve tops with metallic red "jewel" at each side, with red sleeves, with yellow-orange tufted cuffs

Maroon stretchy, fully lined thigh band with straps on inside, puffed center outside with red "triangle" and red metallic "jewel" oval on top

Maroon stretchy elbow bands (2)

Maroon hair tie (1)

Maroon stretchy fingerless gloves with tufted wristbands and pink "armor" with red faux jewels in the center of each

Maroon stretchy bandanna with red upside down triangle in center front, and red "jewel" in middle

*Maroon calf boots with "v" shaped fronts, pink "armor" with 2 dual red "jewels" on each front

*Only if purchasing the costume ensemble with boots included


Long bright red ponytailed spiked top wig (not shown) available for additional $75.00


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