Wow! Wonderful likeness!! Really terrific! Great pose!

Latter 4 photos courtesy of Ashley P.! Doesn't she look fantastic?! Doumo arigatou!

Hitsugaya Costume

Regular Adult Sizes:

$215.00 with sandals

$205.00 without sandals



Black pleated Japanese ceremonial pants

White Japanese Yukata fully lined robe

Black Japanese Yukata fully lined robe

Medium green sash with large medallion

White socks

White flowing robe, lined in medium green, with black patterns at the bottom hem edge all around and a pattern at the top back

White sash with premade bow attached

Black/brown/tan sandals


Spiky silver white Wig available for additional $65.00


52" Wooden Katana sword with "star" hilt & vinyl sheath available for additional $125.00

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