Isn't she the PERFECT Greed cosplayer?! Amazing job, Lindsay san!!!

Thanks to Lindsay M. san for her wonderful Greed cosplay photos!!! Doumo arigatou!!!!

Greed Costume from Full Metal Alchemist

Adult Sizes:

$200.00 With boots

$165.00 Without Boots




Black patent leather/pvc vinyl tight pants

Black lycra sleeveless zip up a-shirt with red vinyl "stripes/straps" around shoulders/waist

Black pleather midriff jacket, fully lined, with white trim all around and white long faux fur collar

8 Black plastic "bracelets"

Red "sticker" symbol to place on hand

Dark small round sunglasses

*Black/brown boots with upturned toes (not shown)


Black upswept spikey wig (not shown) available for additional $65.00


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