Fine Costume

So cute!!!! They're perfect!!! Beautiful cosplayers!!! Amazing!!! Just like the characters!! Wow!!! So exciting!!! So perfect and looks like fun!!!!
Last 6 photos courtesy of Ruby Evil-san!! Doumo arigatou!!!!


Fine from Fushigi Boshi no Futago Hime

Regular Adult Sizes:

$250.00 with boots

$230.00 without boots


Pink and white jacket blouse with red trim all around, giant red button, palest pink bow tie, leg of mutton sleeves with white scalloped trim at cuffs, interfaced and lined

Red roll pleated mini skirt

White opaque pantyhose/tights

2 golden hair bands

Red 2 hump hat with brim and gold 'heart' trim around

Red and white shirred and piped with gold 'armor' bag (removable)

*Pink and red ankle boots with red puffballs on fronts


Red Pigtail Wig available (not shown) for additional $70.00

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